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YouTube Discussion / R.I.P PIFsters
« on: January 30, 2019, 02:08:12 AM »

R.I.P PIFsters 2018-2019
Thanks for all the great times on this forum!

Commercials/Adverts / R.I.P PIFster
« on: January 30, 2019, 02:07:42 AM »
R.I.P PIFsters 2018-2019
Thanks for all the great times on this forum!

PIFs/PSAs Discussion / R.I.P PIFsters
« on: January 30, 2019, 02:07:17 AM »
R.I.P PIFsters 2018-2019
Thanks for all the great times on this forum!

Introduce Yourself / R.I.P PIFsters
« on: January 30, 2019, 02:06:55 AM »
R.I.P PIFsters 2018-2019
Thanks for all the great times on this forum!

Off Topic / R.I.P PIFsters
« on: January 30, 2019, 02:06:23 AM »
R.I.P PIFsters 2018-2019
Thanks for all the great times on this forum!

« on: January 24, 2019, 03:07:22 PM »
So a good friend of mine, rocketraccoon19 made a PIF Discord server similar to this forum. Come check it out!

Off Topic / About idle users
« on: January 22, 2019, 01:21:51 PM »
So Iíve been noticing that many of the users that have joined here are idle and arenít using the website anymore. It got me thinking about how many idle people are on this website, except for me, Asten, and bluegrassbaby86, most people havenít even acknowledged this website. Itís a shame, really.
Itís like my channel, I have over 6K subs, but almost all of those people arenít watching anymore, they are idle. They only subscribed for my old and very shitty meme videos which I have unlisted because they are things Iím really not proud of. It feels lonely.
Anyway, I donít know. Maybe you guys have a different view on it all.

YouTube Discussion / I need your help
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:20:50 AM »
Iím writing the script for an upcoming video called ďThe Wrong Way To Talk About AutismĒ (named after Joshís brilliant video) about crappy PSAís about autism which only add to the stigma against it. Iíve got two ideas down, one for the girl who hallucinates everywhere, and another for the horrendous ďI Am AutismĒ shite.
If you have any suggestions for ads, please let me know.
Iíd like to thank Asten and Joshua Carino for inspiring me to make it.

Off Topic / I just found out I have autism
« on: January 09, 2019, 10:32:39 AM »
Iíve talked about how much I hate the stigma towards autism on the videos from Joshua Carino and Asten, however I always mentioned that I donít have autism. Well I just found out that I actually have it. This autism in particular is called ďpathological demand avoidanceĒ (PDA for short).
Hereís a link to read about it

YouTube Discussion / ďUnwrapping The Ads 2018Ē Announcement
« on: December 24, 2018, 06:34:14 AM »
My Christmas Special, Unwrapping The Ads, will premiere on Christmas Day on my channel at 3:15 PM (thatís 15:15 in the 24 hour clock).
The premise is that I take a look back at all the Christmas ads this year and review all of them in one long video! There will be Politically Correct madness, Ads that try to be relateable and cute and creative ads!
When it premieres, you will be able to watch the live broadcast, you can chat with me and say your thoughts whilst the video plays as well! Make sure to be their.
- DJ 3lectrical  ;)

So I was having trouble choosing which of these two is creepier, and then I thought you guys could choose. Comment below which one you think is creepier, here are the links to both.

Crime: Together Weíll Crack it - Game of Lights (
Home Office - You Never Know (

I know this sounds stupid, but I canít find the hyperlink button. I donít have this trouble on another forum I use. Also where is the button to show a YouTube link in a post? Like how helloimapizza does in his commentaries on Wordpress. Please tell me.

Off Topic / Spam and More Administrators
« on: August 17, 2018, 02:37:32 AM »
Recently this forum has been receiving frequent spam and because of this, Asten is considering shutting down this site. Remember, report all spam to Asten if you see it and donít spread spam around, you will get banned if you do. I thought about this situation and came up with a solution to the problem. If Asten makes more people administrators, it will be easier to ban and get rid of spam. What do you think? Is this idea good or bad?

PIFs/PSAs Discussion / Whatís the scariest PIF or PSA in your opinion?
« on: August 05, 2018, 06:24:02 PM »
Hello everybody! Iím wondering, what do you think is the scariest PIF or PSA of all time? Why is it your scariest? Is it the music and sound effects, the imagery, the setting, the message, or is it unintentionally scary? Let me know, Iíd love to hear your thoughts!
Personally, my scariest is the infamous ďThreadsĒ nuclear war PIF from the BBC. Iíd count it as a PIF because it shows you what happens during the nuclear winter along with a narrator who explains the effects of it. Itís the most dispiriting film ever made and there is no hope throughout the film, as a matter of fact, it ends with one of the main characters (who is fucking underage) giving birth to a horribly mutated and stillborn child. Disgusting.

Hello, thanks for reading this written commentary of my video ďTop 10 Weirdest Animated PSAís and PIFísĒ. I enjoyed making the video and I hope youíll enjoy hearing my thoughts on the PSAís feautured in the countdown!

Hereís the original video:

Now letís get onto the adverts!

10 - Never Say Yes Campaign - ďSupermanĒ
So our first PIF is about a cigarette villain called ďNick-O-TineĒ trying to get kids to smoke, however Superman stops him and saves the day whilst giving out a message to never smoke. Honestly, I donít know why I put this on the list. Itís just a standard and charming little PIF which isnít really strange, unlike the other adverts on this list. The only really weird thing I can think of this one is that Iím not used to hearing Superman with a British voice, I know this PIF was made in the UK, but it sounds nothing like Superman. Not to mention that Metropolis is a USA city! Overall, itís not a bad PIF.

9 - NSPCC - ď#talkpantsĒ
This is where things start to get crazy. This recent PIF from the NSPCC is absolutely hilarious. Basically, itís about a dinosaur called Pantosaurus who dances along with his friends to the most cheesy yet adorable song ever. Itís quite hard to describe what exactly happens in the video, itís really something you have to see for yourself. Iíll try and describe it though, itís a big choreographed dance and song about not showing peados your private parts and to tell an adult if you do have a problem about it: and it has dinosaurs in it. Sure itís silly, but itís really funny to watch - by funny I mean funny in a ďthis actually got madeĒ way. One thing Iíd like to mention is that most comments about this PIF mentioned how the adult dinosaurs were naked whilst the child dinosaurs only wore underpants was slightly dubious. Which is honestly something that confused me when I first saw it. Hearing this really minor controversy, NSPCC actually pulled the ad and replaced it with a version where the adults wear clothes too. What a load of hubbub over nothing....

8 -  Asthma - ďLucy and Floppy EarsĒ
This PSA is quite disturbing and uses some good olí mood whiplash. We first see a nice animated scene of a little girl riding on a big cute fluffy bunny. Itís innocent enough until we see the girl start to suffocate and then it fades to an actual kid suffocating from an asthma attack as the music turns sinister. It also turns out that the bunny was her stuffed animal cuddly toy. It surely is creepy, but I honestly donít think it would be very effective, Iím not sure why she suddenly had an asthma attack and it doesnít show what to do if your child has one. Instead itís kind of fear mongering as one commenter on my video stated ďNice to know I could dieĒ about the advert. Nevertheless, itís still pretty chilling, seeing a child thatís potentially about to die is never a nice thing.

7 - Charley Says - ďDrowningĒ
Eurggh, Charley the cat. One of the strangest PIF characters Iíve ever seen. If you didnít know, Charley was used to teach safety to children, they werenít bad, they were quite charming in a way, however there is something about Charley that creeps me out. I think itís when he speaks because whenever he does speak, it always sounds like heís having a seizure. Iím not alone on this, the commenters wouldnít shut up about his rambling either. Seizures aside, this PIF tells kids to be safe near water and to always stay with a supervisor. Itís fairly innocent, but I do think that the music that plays when we see Charley in the water is quite harrowing.
Fun Fact: My Dad, who grew up in the late 60ís, actually saw this advert (along with the infamous ďSpirit of Dark and Lonely WaterĒ PIF) on telly as a kid. Mind you, it didnít stop him from playing in the lakes....

6 - WCCF - ďI just made pandasĒ
I honestly donít understand this one. Basically, itís a bunch of pandas singing ďI JUST HAD SEEEEXĒ and about having sex with other pandas. I think the message is to make pandas have sex so they are not endangered anymore, which is an idea that doesnít make sense. It sounds like they are forcing pandas to have intercourse, panda trafficking if you will? Okay, that sounds silly, but I honestly donít understand the purpose of this advert. The PSA is a bit funny, but the joke of pandas pounding each other gets stale after a while. The animation is well done though, props to those poor Korean children-I mean talented animators.

5 - Finnkino - You Sausage
I donít understand this advert. Itís actually not a PSA, itís actually an advert for a cinema in Finland. I had always thought it was a PSA until a Finnish person corrected me. If it were a PSA, it would probably be about wearing sun cream. The advert is about two sausages which go to an empty beach and creepily burn up in the sun. Why is it creepy, you may ask? The dated CGI makes the scene where they get grilled creepy to look at because of the look of sheer horror on one of the creepily modelled sausageís face, itís hard to describe it. We then see a subtitle which translates to ďGo to the cinema instead of grilling yourself in the sunĒ which isnít very good advice because Iím pretty sure everybody would rather be on a nice, empty, sunny beach (albeit with sun cream) instead of the cinema which has crying babies and fat gits covering your view and texting their family. What a crock of sh*te.

4 - UNICEF - War Smurfs
Out of all of the PSAís on this countdown, this is probably the scariest. Itís basically a normal episode of the Smurfs, and then they suddenly get bombed. We see burning houses, screaming smurfs, dead bodies and a poor baby Smurf being the last to survive in the wasteland filled with erupting flames and charred corpses. I donít understand this one, apart from that itís about being anti-war and that itís BLOODY SCREWED UP! Iím not a fan of the Smurfs, but Jesus that is disturbing. I donít even know why the Smurfs were used, apart from it being shocking to watch. Iím not entirely sure about this, but a comment on my countdown stated that the baby at the end was paedo-conceived. Iím not sure if this is the case, but I hope not, itís enough seeing people dying from a bomb blast, but to see a teenagerís baby be the only survivor. Bloody Hell this was graphic.

3 - Charley Says - Strangers
I originally named this one ďpeadophilesĒ (I spelt peadophiles wrong - I spelt pedophiles instead) but I now know it is just called ďstrangersĒ which is less dramatic. Itís basically about a creepy looking stranger asking Charleyís owner if he wants to see puppies (puppies - I think - is a metaphor for his dick) until he runs away after Charley tells the kid not to go off with him. Probably the creepiest out of the Charley Says PIFís because of the dark colours used for the background (makes it look like the most creepy and dull playground ever) and the creepy looking stranger who looks really, really dodgy. Itís so creepy, the first time I saw this advert, it had been paired up with ďBeware the Friendly StrangerĒ by Boards of Canada! Itís not supposed to be creepy, but the lifeless and desolate atmosphere and the eerie character designs make it seem creepy and apocalyptic in a way.

2 - Fire Kills - Put It Out
The first thing this PIF reminded me of was David Firth, more precisely, Salad Fingers. I mean I canít be the only one to see that the guy looks like Salad Fingers, surely. It also kind of reminds me of AndyWilson92, his 2D animations at least. Anyway, this PIF is about a guy who wants to attract this creepy looking prostitute lady by smoking a cig, instead of putting it out, he does all this other crap like hitting the fire with a cat and doing a hadouken onto the flames which is quite humorous. However, when he finally puts it out, he smokes again and then goes on the brink of insanity when it wonít go out. Itís strange really. However I have a better message than the one in this advert..... DONíT SMOKE RUDDY CIGARETTES!

1 - Train Safety - Canít Buy A Brain
Finally, after so long, we finally have the weirdest animated PSA, in my personal opinion at least. Itís a Russian train safety video which chronics a gang that fail miserably at standing on top of trains. After every injury, they visit a store to get equipment so they can be safer, but the reality is, you canít be safe standing on the top of a train, as a matter of fact, they all brutally die at the end. The advert is definitely funny but is still slightly creepy. Seeing cartoon characters being graphically maimed is quite disturbing. Another creepy thing is when we see their unnerving dead bodies at the end, preserved in one of those strange structures filled with ice (not sure what they are called because Iím stupid). The only gripe I have with this PSA is the annoying music that plays during the advert, it does fit the animation but takes away from the shock value, honestly. Anyway, this PSA is still creepy and is very well done, the animation is very good and reminds me of Edd Ed and Eddy. Good job Russia!

Well that was it, my first PSA countdown. Do keep in mind, it is very dated and the original name for it was ďTop 10 Creepiest Animated PSAísĒ. With this in mind, Iíd like to address something. Some people have asked why I included certain adverts in this list. Allow me to explain. This video was originally going to be called ďTop 10 Weirdest Animated PSAísĒ but there was already a video with that title so I changed it to Creepiest to avoid confusion. And no, I donít believe that Pantosaurus is creepy in the slightest. This list is very dated and I am already working on a new, much better and scarier countdown which is longer and actually has a tonne of scary PIFís in it! I may even make a redux of this countdown in the future to include animated PIFís and PSAís that are actually quite creepy! But for now, Iíve renamed this countdown to have the title say weirdest instead of creepiest. Before I end this commentary, there is one more thing Iíd like to say, thank you so much for watching this video and getting it to over 130K views! Get ready for more PSA and PIF countdowns in the future! Goodbye for now!

~DJ 3lectrical  ;)

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